New Design Fiberglass Pot

Fiberglass planters are created from a blend of resin and glass fibers. These pots tend to be molded to look like terracotta or stone pots. Fiberglass planters are lightweight, durable, and look very much like the materials they are molded to imitate.

Sets of 4 - Dimension:

  1. L: 82cm V: 82cm H: 55cm
  2. L: 65cm V: 65cm H: 45cm
  3. L: 52cm V: 52cm H: 38cm
  4. L: 40cm V: 40cm H: 28cm

Packing: sets/pallet - Packing size: L: 85cm V: 85cm H: 170cm, quantity: 3 sets/pallet

Loadability/40': 78 PC/Sets

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Our products fiberglass flower pots are suitable for use in such places as houses, gardens, streets, gymnasiums, theaters, cinemas, hotels, and anywhere else which requires a beautiful and gentle atmosphere atmosphere art. Whether flanking a door, defining a path or standing as a focal point in your garden or patio area, these many plastic planters are the perfect choice for a sleek, modern look. Easy to move when planting with your favorite topiaries, shrubs or perennials, resistance to abrasive elements

Not only beautifying the space with luxurious style, the Fiberglass plant pots are as light as other durable plastic pots to withstand the impact of outdoor elements, including harsh sunshine, rain, heat. low to snow.

Fiberglass landscape fiberglass basin is produced with high quality fiberglass material by the hands of artisans, who have successfully applied the paint process to help Fiberglass pots do not fade paint and crack.

With a few Fiberglass flower pots set outdoors to grow beautiful flowers or a few plant pots for garden planting decorative plants will bring a lively and green space to your home.

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