Cement tables and chairs

Find a great collection of exclusive Natural Light Cement Pots at Hoang pottery. We represents luxurious range of Natural Light Concrete Pots which includes collection tall square, round, vase, urn concrete planter.

Packing: sets/pallet - Packing size: L: cm V: cm H: cm, quantity:

Loadability/40': PC/Sets

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Cement tables and chairs must have been extremely familiar to everyone. Just like a normal chair, a Cement tables and chairs has a sitting function, aesthetics, creating luxury for your home or garden. Made mainly of cement materials, surface gloss coating helps products make high durability. Currently, Cement tables and chairs are diverse in colors and designs, including wooden imitation stone chairs.
Extremely handy, Cement tables and chairs gradually creep across every family, campus to create a vitality for the space where you are. If the wooden chair is very expensive, the design is not diversified and only used for the purpose of receiving in-house guests, the Cement tables and chairs becomes more flexible and convenient. They are located in many places with different environments such as parks, schools, balconies, gardens ... to let you chat, read books, enjoy tea. Made with cement material, spray paint extremely luxurious 

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