Rectangular fiberglass Pots

Best of all, each piece in the Painting Cement Pots collections is designed to withstand the elements and test of time. That means all of the Painting Concrete Pots you will choose from Hoang pottery will last for years to come.

Sets of 2 - Dimension:

  1. L: 40cm V: 40cm H: 75cm
  2. L: 30cm V: 30cm H: 57cm

Packing: sets/pallet - Packing size: L: 85cm V: 85cm H: 165cm, quantity: 8 sets/pallet

Loadability/40': 208 PC/Sets

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Great addition to your home, garden, or even office.

Square design is one of the new stylized styles for you to freely create your own "imprint" with cement pots. Most square cement pots are designed quite compact for us to easily decorate the desk, coffee table, reception desk, ...

Square cement basin is designed to be simple, mainly a square box, slippery to retain the simplicity of the material that makes it. However, this model is more popular with young people and office than other pots.

Rustic beauty from cement materials combined with perpendicular design makes the viewer feel the beautiful and unique European style from homeowners. To increase the eye-catching, square cement pots are also transformed with luxurious white or mysterious black paint, which helps the space to become more attractive and lively.

  • Industrial strength fiberglass material.
  • Light-weight, durable, maintenance-free, and weather-resistant.
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Color : White, black.
  • Type : Tall square.

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