Wonderful and creative spring container ideas

There are lots of plants that can be used to create beautiful spring containers.

Hyacinth and Heuchera pot (this spring planter is very attractive with fragrance and beautiful colors of these flowers).

Daffodils and Violas pot (just plant the bulbs in autumn, then finish off with smaller bedding plants in spring).

Acer and Bleeding Heart pot.

Bergenia and Saxifrage pot (these plants are tough perennials).

Primulas, Sage and Peony will create a beautiful purple-themed pot.

A container with a cheery display of Daffodils, Heather, Primulas and Daisies.

A terracotta pot with a variety of brightly colored Tulips is perfect for any garden (there are a lot of different colors to choose and combine).

A rustic terracotta pot which look aged a little bit is a lovely pair with Pansies.

Small Palms in big pots are a great way to give a tropical feel to a patio.

Or you can try an old tin breadbox with Japanese Andromeda and Bergenia.