Some suggestive flowers and plants that are most popular in the Lunar New Year holiday (Tet holiday) and their meanings

Flowers and trees are ubiquitous on Tet holiday. Beside bringing Tet atmosphere and the warmness of spring time, people also believe that these trees and flowers will also bring good luck and fortune to the homeowners in the New Year.

Each kind of trees and flowers has different meanings and is suitable for different displaying spaces. Here are some flowers and trees that are most popular in the Lunar New Year holiday and their meanings to help customers to choose to decorate houses in this special occasion:

1. Peach blossom
The South has Yellow Apricot Blossom, the North has Peach Blossom. Peach Blossom is considered to be the quintessence of the five elements, the symbol of proliferation and growth. According to feng shui, the peach blossom can repel the devil. The Peach Blossom blooming right on the New Year's Day is also a symbol of luck, happiness and love, a wish for peace, good health, and prosperity in the new year.

2. Yellow Apricot Blossom (Ochna integerrima)
The yellow color of Yellow Apricot Blossom symbolizes prosperity and development. According to the folklore, the more petals the flower have, the thicker the petals are, the more lucky and prosperous that the family will get in the new year.

3. Chaenomeles Japonica (Japanese Quince)
Chaenomeles Japonica also known as Japanese Quince has beautiful red spring flowers coming with the promises of a lucky new year, prosperous business and good health for the whole family. Japanese Quince belongs to the family of roses with small shapes, bearing flowers with many layers of petals. On the New Year's Day, Japanese Quince can be grown in planters or decorated with small landscape, rockery ... After the Lunar New Year holiday, if they were taken good care, Japanese Quince trees will continue to flower on the springtime next year.

4. Kumquat tree (lucky tree bearing fruits)
Kumquat tree with bunches of ripe yellow fruits symbolizes luck, peace, good health, longevity and prosperity. So the family-owned businesses, companies, shops display Kumquat trees on Tet holiday as a festival activity.

5. Fig tree
Fig tree is a symbol of fullness so this tree is very popular with Vietnamese people as an ornamental plant on Tet holiday. Fig tree is also ranked first in the tripplet of Blessing Fu Lu Shou (Phuc-Loc-Tho) that are symbols of happiness (Fig-tree), wealth (Stream Barringtonia/ Freshwater Mangrove), longevity (Cycas revoluta/ Sago palm). Fig tree's fruits are also chosen by many people for displaying on the five-fruit tray worshipping the ancestors on Tet holiday. Fig tree is also believed to bring luck, prosperity and good health to the homeowners.

6. Chrysanthemum
In folklore, symbolizing longevity and abundant fortune, Chrysanthemum is a precious flower in the four "pine tree, chrysanthemum, ivory bamboo and apricot blossom". According to feng shui, the Chrysanthemum flowers represent blessing, longevity, piety, loftiness and will bring good luck, a peaceful life to the homeowners. Therefore, this is one of the indispensable flowers on Tet holiday. For example: a small chrysanthemum flower pot placed in front of the house or some Chrysanthemum flowers on the ancestral altar.

7. Lucky bamboo (Dracaena fragrans)
This tree will bring good luck and prosperity to the whole family. According to feng shui, the number of Lucky bamboos planted in a pot will have various meanings:
2 plants in 1 pot: Love and marriage.
3 plants in 1 pot: Bringing happiness, longevity and wealth.
5 plants in 1 pot: Good health.
8 plants in 1 pot: Prosperity, fortune.
9 plants in 1 pot: Luck.

8. Camellia flower
Camellia flower is a symbol of spring. In feng shui, this flower can bring wealth and good luck to the homeowner. This flower is also culturally displayed for harmony, friendship, and admiration.

9. Poinsettia
Poinsettia is a symbol of achievement in the path of education and career advancement. With flaming red colors, the Poinsettia tree will bring happiness, luck and success to the family members. This tree often blooms near the beginning of springtime, which is a sign of new luck and fortune, bringing many good things to the homeowners.

10. Orchids
Orchids have long been considered to be symbolic of fertility and abundance.
In feng shui, orchids will bring a lot of luck and prosperity to the homeowners. Therefore, with elegant and exquisite beauty, these flowers are often displayed in the living room every New Year's Day. Beside, orchids are also favored as gifts in Tet holiday.

11. Gerbera flower
Colorful Gerbera flowers will bring a lot of good luck, health and longevity to your family members and their prices are quite cheap, so many people choose to display these flowers at their houses on Tet holiday. You can place a gerbera flowerpot with bright red colors as a decorative item in the living room on New Year's Day to symbolize a prosperous year ahead.

13. Narcissus
Narcissus symbolizes luck, longevity and prosperity. According to feng shui, Narcissus flowers have the effect of eliminating evil, bringing auspicious potential into the house. Therefore, Narcissus flowers are chosen by many families for the New Year's decorations.

14 Ardisia crenata
Having bright red fruits looking like pearls, Ardisia crenata is a symbol of luck and wealth. You can decorate the pot of Ardisia crenata with some gold coins and red bows to make an ornamental plant for the New Year.

15. Mini Buddha's Hand
These days, many people like to display mini Buddha's Hand on Tet holiday as their fragrant fruit resemble Buddha's hand and these plants can bring peace, good luck and prosperity for their families in the new year.

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