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Hope with our product, you can find out the best choice for your space.Thus, we are honoured as one amongst reliable wicker furniture supplier from Vietnam.

An enterprise which wants to have sustainable development always have creative and outstanding business strategies. A company wants to have reliance and position always brings to market reliable product. A product wants consumers togive their mind to has to meet consumers’s demands. Market economy is developing everyday so enterprises have to know how to catch market trend to develope enterprise towards right direction. A trademark has to response from production and manager process to distribution, but the most important is product- that company’s brainchild is meet consumers’s demand to have its strong position.Being a nascent company but specialize in producing indoor furniture, we always notice issue to build reputation, provide best- quality furniture. And our special furniture is wicker furniture. A kind of furniture has just appeared few years ago but always given positive evalution of consumers as well what it brings to living space and life of each individual who used this product. Wicker furniture, which is a productour company specially produced and developed so it’s all right to say we put our heart into it to create perfect product. Moreover, beside production, we directly distribute product so the one comes to you is the best quality without intermediary so customers won’t be worry about our wicker furniture.

Wicker Blanket Box with Cover
"Wicker Blanket Box with Cover"
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Being a immature enterprise on the market but it isn’t the reason our product can’t compete with others. We are young and eager for developing, we always catch every single beat of age to towards the right direction, provide the best high- quality and convenient furniture. Furniture sector is one of the most powerful development at this moment so to write enterprise’s name on a map of system of reputated furniture enterprises isn’t easy. However, with our enthusiasm, it always our target. Choosing a new piece of furniture, wicker furniture to be our strategy to hit the furniture market because we knew decorating demands of consumers as well outstanding characteristics of this product. Wicker furniture has friendly, modern but still traditional beauty, which is suitable for thoughts and feeling of modern people. Moreover, wicker furniture can overcome limits that others can’t do. So with ace is wicker furniture, we are absolutely confident of developing potential of this product.

With experienced staffs and skillful workers, we put our heart on our brainchild so our company constantly innovate, develop to confirm our trademark, a reputated furniture company with own specific designing style in a hurry. Until now, our company is known as one of the most reputated wicker furniture company, sector in designing and producing wicker furniture. In a competitive environment is getting harder and harder, we constantly innovate to response to demands of clients, which is getting higher and higher. Come to our company, clients will be provided all in one comprehensive service of decorating furniture: offices, houses, hotel furniture or showroom. With dedication and desire to bring to customers as well investors luxurious, friendly living and working space and to express specific cuture of each enterprise, family. Come to our company, customer’s opinions are always respected. Besides, experienced staffs will suggest you many style, form to refer an choose. Our motto is: ‘Sophistication in each centimetre. We will make you house perfect. And the most outstanding characteristic, that no others can compete is we direclty distribute product beside directly produce so you have our guarantly to provide a product as you want, always listen to consumers’s aspirations to overcome and innovate to bring the most complete product to the market.

We want to bring to market the high-quality, most beautiful and convenient product so we work hard to create a wicker furniture worth believing. About quality, we’re confident to say wicker furniture can meet demands of the most fastidious customers. So at present, designs of our wicker furniture are very popular. They are also become a main trend of decorating furniture, contribute to ideal living space. Knowing consumers’s demands, we always create new products whose form is modern, eye- catching, fashionable and suitable for trend of decorating.


Come to our company, you will have unforgetable experiences that no competitor can give. Not same as other furniture companies provide common materials such as wood, iron, leather, etc… or provide many products of furniture or specializing in distribution, our company has a strange and specific direction. Our company just specializes in only furniture, wicker furniture so we live with it to understand limits as well strength to quickly overcome and promote to bring the most comprehensive-quality product. Moreover, beside producing, we direclty distribute product to consumers so customers won’t be worry about quality as well compete price and fake product. We want to bring to customers the best service, the best quality, the best reasonable price. So we hope this product will be your best choice. So there is no choices more reasonable than choosing our company because service you is our pleasure.

With the things our product brings, we hope you will choose our product when you need to decorate house, office, hotel, store, etc… for your dream space. When choosing our product, we’re sure you will have amazing experinces. Instead of using common and boring furniture without highlight, wicker furniture can change your space to more attractive and specific trend, style. Moreover, our criteria is servicing customer is our pleasure so if there is any question or you want to know more about products, we’re always willing to consult so you can believe in our product. And we you order a product, you don’t only receive enthusiams advices from consultants, your product is also delivered in a safe way, without damage because we focus on recovering your product. Last but not least factor is tranportation fee. Customer won’t be worry because it’s safe and resonable.

With these details and suggestion, this is a worth thinking as well considering product. Hope with our product, you can find out the best choice for your space.Thus, we are honoured as one amongst reliable wicker furniture supplier from Vietnam.