Round Fiberglass Atlantis Planter

Fiberglass planters are created from a blend of resin and glass fibers. These pots tend to be molded to look like terracotta or stone pots. Fiberglass planters are lightweight, durable, and look very much like the materials they are molded to imitate.
Input Quantity:

Sets of 2 - Dimension:

  1. L: 56cm V: 56cm H: 68cm
  2. L: 40cm V: 40cm H: 48cm

Packing: sets/pallet - Packing size: L: 115cm V: 115cm H: 225cm, quantity: 12 sets/pallet

Loadability/40': 240 PC/Sets

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The set of pots is made of fiberglass material, atlantis style, high shape. Pots are made in Vietnam but it has been exported to many countries around the world because of high quality. 

With a medium-sized, modern design, this set pots can be used to grow suitable plants in the living room, balcony or small corner of the garden. Beside that, the set also used for garden decoration.