Brown Fiberglass Pot

Fiberglass planters are created from a blend of resin and glass fibers. These pots tend to be molded to look like terracotta or stone pots. Fiberglass planters are lightweight, durable, and look very much like the materials they are molded to imitate.
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Sets of 3 - Dimension:

  1. L: 65cm V: 65cm H: 35cm
  2. L: 55cm V: 55cm H: 28cm
  3. L: 43cm V: 43cm H: 22cm

Packing: sets/pallet - Packing size: L: 70cm V: 70cm H: 190cm, quantity: 5 sets/pallet

Loadability/40': 240 PC/Sets

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Made of fiberglass fabric with special treatment during the process of manufacturing process. The products possess the following characteristics:

  1. High-strength and light-weight;
  2. Strong reinforcement;
  3. High flexibility;
  4. Excellent link property.

The basic grade consists of glass fiber reinforced type, which provides high strength and relative excellent toughness, fiberglass + reinforcement type, which provides excellent dimensional accuracy, and the unreinforced type, which is low in strength but sticky. Each layer is available as cross-linked polymer type, which has excellent creeping properties and so on, and the linear polymer type, which provides excellent toughness

Our products fiberglass flower pots are suitable for use in such places as houses, gardens, streets, gymnasiums, theaters, cinemas, hotels, and anywhere else which requires a beautiful and gentle atmosphere atmosphere art. Whether flanking a door, defining a path or standing as a focal point in your garden or patio area, these many plastic planters are the perfect choice for a sleek, modern look. Easy to move when planting with your favorite topiaries, shrubs or perennials, resistance to abrasive elements