Cement Planters


Cement planter, called Fiber-reinforced concrete, is simply concrete that has been blended with fibrous material, which increases its structural integrity and durability. The fibers used are typically steel or glass, and they are distributed evenly throughout the concrete mix to help hold it together and reinforce the construction. Fiber-reinforced concrete is resistant to shrinkage and cracking that can be caused by temperature changes or inclement weather.


With the simple design, classic style of the Cement Planter, light concrete pot couldn’t be easier to bring your favorite plants into your home garden or patio. Its shallow design works well for groupings, and sturdy reinforced concrete construction is ideal for outdoor use year round.

Light cement pots is a best choice for any rustic gardens. Our line of concrete Pots can be manufactured to just about any designs tall pot, round pot, square pot or saucer… This range pots will continue to get stronger for many years to come. Lightweight concrete planters are also the best choice for exposed container garden locations, in an entrance way, driveway or curbside, when you want to discourage anyone from walking off with your prize landscape pots and plants. This planter will make your garden more beautiful and provides you with a justifiable sense of accomplishment.

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