Production Process

Production Process

  • Cement/ Poly Stone / Terrazzo

Mix Materials

That is depend on Cement, Poly Stone or Terrazzo, we will mix with some others sub material. Our skillful workers will work together and mix  that with standard rate between materials give the concrete mixture prepare the next step.

Shapping Pots & Planters with Mold

We have many Molds with many shapes fron round, square, rectangle, Cylinder, Bowl… Beside that we have many size and design to supply for our Clients

When we pour the concrete into the mold, that takes some days for really drying to reach the best quality.

Processing the surface and edges

The surface and edges need to handing and cleaning to prepare for finishing step. Our worker will fill all the holes to flat and make sure the surface beautiful.


The finally, we paint the inside and out with chemicals to waterproof and make pots more beautiful and cleaner

With Hand Painting Collection, we make more step by basic painting and color painting by drawers and design.

  • Ceramic/Terracotta/Hi Fired/Sanblasted


Shaping Step

After We mixed clay and water by standard rate, we put them inside the mold to shaping the pottery.

That need somedays to drying, and depend on the weather, if sunny, the pottery will be drying faster.

Cover glazed

Then, We cover the glazed on the surface of the pottery, take some hour for drying.

We have many color of glazed. And Specially we can mixed the color by many lines.

Burning Pottery

We put all pottery inside the kiln, around 10 days with high temperature to reach the beautiful glazed ceramic. And we have finish products to packing and shipping to Clients.