Ancient Design Flower Pot Outdoor (HPTC035)

"Terracotta is another classic material for planters and plant pots which has been widely adopted over the years. Terracotta is a type of clay that is commonly used in making pots and planters of various sizes and shapes.
Input Quantity:

Product Code: HPTC035
Categories: Terracotta
Tags: Round pots, round red terracotta

Sets of 2 - Dimension:

  1. L: 26cm V: 26cm H: 28cm
  2. L: 36cm V: 36cm H: 34cm

Packing: sets/pallet - Packing size: L: 115cm V: 115cm H: 220cm, quantity: 54

Loadability/40': 1080 PC/Sets

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Ancient Design Flower Pot Outdoor (HPTC035)

Material: Red Terracotta