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Why Do Customer Choose Hoang Pottery As The Best Source of Vietnam Pottery[31/12/2013]

Welcome to the world of Hoang Pottery. We produce and export hand-made Vietnamese pottery which is in high demand by American and European customers. Hoang Pottery makes it possible for you as customers to save on great deals in purchasing pottery products because we export from our own family and associates in Vietnam. Hence the "Middle-Man" is eliminated.


Our wide line of Vietnam pottery is highly fired with flames at more than 1200 degrees and manually glazed by hand. Each piece is unique with color variations resulting from its location in the dragon kiln. They are waterproof, frost resistant, and will last for years even through the toughest weather conditions.


We also offer the popular high-fired black clay pots made from unique clay found in the river bottoms of the Meking Delta region in Vietnam - the ancient tradition developed in China thousands of years ago which produces the hardest and most durable pottery found anywhere in the world.


Our connections to factories throughout Vietnam can offer customers a much greater variety in styles and quantities. We provide distributors with volume discounts and unbeatable initial stock order deals, shipped directly from our company-owned warehouse in Vietnam.


Hoang Pottery also provides custom orders and seasonal shipments tailored to your particular need. Whether if it is for outdoor landscaping, container planting or interior decorating. We look forward to meeting with you and invite you to visit our showroom in Ho Chi Minh city.

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