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What Is The Different Between Vietnamese Outdoor Glazed Ceramic Pots and Chinese Pots[04/11/2013]

What is the different between Vietnamese Outdoor Glazed Ceramic pots and Chinese pots

With glazed pottery, manufacturers and artisans are able to create vibrant colors and amazing designs. If you need splashes of bold and vibrant hues or prefer to follow a colour theme, then glazed pots would be your answer.  The enormous selection of garden pots from Hoang Pottery ensures that every customer is able to find the pot that will fit perfectly with their design ideas.

There are some differences between the glazed pottery from Vietnam and China.  The Vietnamese pottery is denser and is fired at a higher temperature making it more durable than the glazed pottery from China; therefore it may be left outside all winter.  The downside is there are generally fewer colors to choose from, and the pottery is usually a little more expensive for comparably sized pots.

Vietnam Glazed Ceramic Pot

Glazed pottery from China (bottom right) is still durable but there are some preparatory steps that must be taken before planting and before temperatures consistently drop below freezing.  The positive elements of Chinese glazed pottery are its price relative to the Vietnamese glazed pottery and the variety of color. The pottery is generally a little less expensive than its Vietnamese counterpart, and it has about twice the color selection.  Also, the multi-colored drip glazes are only found in the glazed pottery from China.  It is recommended that this pottery be brought inside during the winter if possible.

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