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Round Wicker Planter[12/09/2014]

Poly rattan planter is a very famous planter product from Vietnam and Asian country. These planters are from the first time made by some families in Dong Nai but now become big factories with hundred workers. Crafted with woven plastic resin that resembles wicker, this lightweight, UV-resistant, weatherproof planter comes in several colors and sizes to match your indoor or outdoor space. With its handsome woven design, this planter looks good with any decoration purpose. It's available in a number of sizes and attractive colors to fit your plant's needs and your unique style and is well-made of durable plastic to be able to withstand the elements.


There’re many options for the inserts of Round Wicker Planter, lining PE bags, zinc pots or plastic pots. Customers now love the inserted plastic pots because it stays for long time, but there’s not too much sizes. The zinc can be made with custom sizes but easy to be rusted.


The wicker is produced from plastic imported mainly from Indonesia. Its UV-resistant finish ensures it will stay colorful for years to come. We know how important it is to have a little extra green in your life, imagine how beautiful these planters around your house and building.

Wicker planter 




35 cm Wicker Planter

Round pots weaving flat wicker with plastic pots inserted

Set of 3:

  • 35x35x36
  • 25x25x25


Weight: 4.3 kgs.


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