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New trend of Glazed Ceramic Pots in 2014[04/11/2013]

If you come across all the store around the US, you can found that there’s a lot of small glazed ceramic pots on the shelves.

New Design Blue Ceramic Pot

Code: TA4778      Dimension (cm): S28.H24 - S19.H17 - S13.H11


Vietnam Outdoor Ceramic Flower Pots for Home and Garden

Code: TA4769   Dimension (cm):  D37.H29 - D27.H24 - D19.H17


Vietnam Pottery Outdoor Flower Pots

Code: TA50789                 Dimension (cm): 39x30 26x25 19x17


These Vietnamese glazed pots have unique classic shapes, each with a rich deep glaze of sparkling color and matching detached glazed trays makes these display pots for succulents stand out to accentuate your extraordinary plants. Unlike others you may find, these have been designed not just for looks, but also for the long term health and beauty of your prized plants.


We have small pots, we have cheap pots, we have new trend of glazed ceramic pots.

Hoang Pottery Company has been well known and has had more and more customers from different markets in the world. Inheriting experiences from predecessors, we have a deep knowledge and wide experience in producing ceramic products. Moreover, we also have abilities to create wide ranges of diversity of skillful products.

We are committed to offer you the best quality, price and the best service. Please feel free to contact us by email, we will send you our catalogue for you to make your own selection. We hope to be of service to you very soon.

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