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Light Cement Pot - The Exquisite Choice[01/04/2014]

   Hoang Pottery Co., Ltd is one of the best leading of Vietnamese pottery manufacturers and exporters of gorgeous ornamental earthenware for Home and Garden. Our company is running of business a year but we are a reliable partner with many famous countries over the world such as United State, Europe and others countries. Our significant result comes from many good factors which are high-quality staff with their passion, enthusiasm, and the love of job to create the best product from different materials in order to meet dear customer’s requirements. Our product is rich-looking and beautiful, high quality as well as the most competitive price in the market. And now I am pleased to introduce for you one of our best selling product range that is “Light Cement Pot”.


     To begin with, the Light Cement Pot is the outstanding product range which is made from glass fiber reinforced cement landscape pots. In order to bring the best and safe product with customer, we replace carefully the Cheap Toxic Fiberglass by Latex Rubber Net to make pots stronger and thicker against the harmful effects of the environment.


    On the one hand, placing a Light Cement Pot into any room, house, building, and any position has with an aura of beauty. No matter what is your space is, we also can meet your demand with shapes of square, circular, cylindrical, or the luxury, colorful, suitable, simple designs for you choose depending on your use. Its color is harmonious, creative and mixed carefully for you to put suitably wherever. On the other hand, Culture and spiritual factors have crystallized in material culture. It is made from the best material so the warranty is highly long and survive with the time. It is the meaningful and particular gift to everyone on the especial occasion.


     Furthermore, we are carrying out many suitable sales strategies for this product range to maintain the solid reputation and open our business in the market such as advertising on the media, releasing the catalogue in the furniture store. Besides, we also conduct the promotion programs to attract the customer. For example, we give a 10% discount for regular customer on the weekend so you can enjoy the best competitive price. We have many training courses to improve staff’s knowledge and skill of sale to give the customer with best service.


    With many years of experience in the industry, we are positive that if you choose our product range “Light Cement Pot” to use in your life, this is the best choice from available products. We are sure that our product will meet your requirements quickly with the best quality, competitive price and good customer service in our company. There is no reason for you to hesitate to come our product as soon as possible.

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