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How To Clean Your Concrete Furniture Product.[04/01/2015]

Hoang Pottery ( Your best Vietnam Pottery Supplier ) produces some of the lightest cement-like furniture on the market. You cannot have the look of cement or stone in your home without the use of heavy machinery, and costly specialized shipping methods, on top of furniture costs. Our products can be moved by one to two people and when left alone become sculptural elements worthy of conversation. So how you clean the concrete furniture product?


Outdoor Concrete Garden Furniture

Products code : HPCF006
Group : PC
Dimension : 200X100X75

Lightweight Concrete Table top

Clean your lightweight concrete table top product using mild soap (such as dish soap) and water. Do not use heavy abrasive, bleach-based, or ammoniated cleansers. Use of such cleansers will wear down the wax protection and result in less stain resistance. We do not recommend use of most natural cleansers (which are often citrus based), as the cleaning agent is typically highly acidic and can damage natural materials. 


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