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Hoang Pottery, Your Best Source for Vietnam Pottery[01/01/2014]

Have you ever bough pottery from Vietnam? If you feel that you cannot depend on suppliers in Vietnam or china then perhaps you should be talking to me. You can tell me that all suppliers will tell you of their great quality, so I won’t say that. Instead I will say that all garden pots you receive from me will have my quality controller’s signature in it which can be bought for practically nothing and seem to be all the range in Vietnam and china 

Do you want to try my terrazzo pot? Like many suppliers we sell terrazzo garden pots (actually these pots sell like hot cakes!!) but unlike most terrazzo suppliers I make my own so they do not turn an ugly grey after it rains and are not crack happy in the sun. 

Unlike all other suppliers we control very the packing and loading process, we know that 1 broken pot from your side is same 3 sets from our side. We keep the broken percentage under 2%, sometime no broken pots.

I would love to hear from you. Just send me your name, company name and contact details and I will send you my catalog and price list.  You’re contacting the best source of Vietnam Pottery.

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