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Contemporary Sandblasted Curved Clay Pot from Hoang Pottery[02/10/2014]

Our Sandblasted Clay Pot is a contemporary shape in a rough stoneware look that creates a bold example of a garden pot. They are one of the heaviest yet popular of all of our garden planters due to their unique looks and texture.


Sandblast Curved Stoneware Planter


Round Old Stone Garden Pot and Planters


Products code : TASB028

Group : Set of 4

Dimension : 70x57 55x49 39x34 25x20


This Dark Clay garden planter is a classic design similar to the 'Egg' design in our terracotta pots range, fabricated in a dense black clay kiln fired to very high temperatures giving a stoneware like texture and appearance. Our range of sandblasted planters are popular with garden designers due to the unique looks they provide combined with the superior quality our products possess compared to those of our competitors.


These garden planters are then sandblasted to create a pitted rough texture that resembles a volcanic rock surface giving strong contrast to any planted area when alongside more traditional outdoor planters. They are available in a range of sizes making them suitable for planting with the large planters being suitable for large trees, smaller sizes being more sutied to more general purpose planting as well as providing a heavy and secure base for unsecured areas and tall plants.


All of our garden planters are completely frost resistant and fired to a high temperature to form a strong dense clay making them suitable as indoor or outdoor planters. This range is handmade Vietnam Pottery.

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