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Concrete Bonsai Pots[10/10/2014]

In a tropical country like Viet Nam, using a Bonsai to cool the air is very common because not anyone can afford an air-conditioner. However, it is important to choose a qualified, beautiful Bonsai Pot with a suitable price.

Placed up on the ceiling, or in the bedroom, as well as the living room, concrete bonsai pots bring a fresh air flow to your family in hot days. They are not only ornamental but also much more economical than air-conditioners.

The high-light of this product is that it is produced with the manufacture of American, one of the most modern in the world. With the technique of making the air moist by using every part of the Bonsai root, the air current in the room can flow smoothly.


Cement planter


Contemporary cement Bonsai planters

Products code : BVT5061
Group : Set of 2
Dimension : 40x20x20.5 30x15x16

Our products have various designs, every of which is very gorgeous.  We believe that they will complement your house, make it more elegant. Your house will look fresher with Bonsais placed around, and you can imagine how refresh it is when sitting in an armchair, resting after a hark-working day and feeling the cool fresh air surrounding.

It’s time you went and brought our Bonsais home. They are all in good price, which is suitable for these difficult days.



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