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Cement Planters - Contemporary Concrete Planters [13/09/2014]

Cement planter, called Fiber-reinforced concrete, is simply concrete that has been blended with fibrous material, which increases its structural integrity and durability. The fibers used are typically steel or glass, and they are distributed evenly throughout the concrete mix to help hold it together and reinforce the construction. Fiber-reinforced ...Details >>

Round Wicker Planter [12/09/2014]

Poly rattan planter is a very famous planter product from Vietnam and Asian country. These planters are from the first time made by some families in Dong Nai but now become big factories with hundred workers. Crafted with woven plastic resin that resembles wicker, this lightweight, UV-resistant, weatherproof planter comes in several colors and ...Details >>

New trend of Glazed Ceramic Pots in 2014 [04/11/2013]

If you come across all the store around the US, you can found that there’s a lot of small glazed ceramic pots on the shelves.Details >>

Vietnam Pottery Manufacturing Process – Amazing Story Of Traditional Pottery From Part Of World [04/11/2013]

Several factors can be described as a reason for the sophistication and beauty of Vietnamese pottery, giving each of them a unique identity in texture and color.Details >>
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