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How To Clean Your Concrete Furniture Product. [04/01/2015]

How to Clean your Concrete Furniture Product.Details >>

Fiber Reinforced Natural Concrete (FRC)- Lightweight Concrete Furniture. [03/01/2015]

Our Concrete furniture is made to be beautiful and practical from organic materials.Details >>

Where To Buy Fiberstone Pots? [15/10/2014]

  You have got bored with the Bonsai Potteries which are old-fashioned and space-consuming? You are ready for rearranging your room, making use of every space, especially the wall? We recommend you Plastic Bonsai Pot, which can be placed at anywhere in your room, making it fresher and lovelier. Where to order Vietnam Fiberstone Pots?Details >>

Concrete Bonsai Pots [10/10/2014]

 In a tropical country like Viet Nam, using a Bonsai to cool the air is very common because not anyone can afford an air-conditioner. However, it is important to choose a qualified, beautiful Bonsai Pot with a suitable price. Concrete Bonsai Pots from Vietnam PotteryDetails >>

Contemporary Sandblasted Curved Clay Pot from Hoang Pottery [02/10/2014]

Our Sandblasted Curved Clay Pot is a contemporary shape in a rough stoneware look that creates a bold example of a garden pot. They are one of the heaviest yet popular of all of our garden planters due to their unique looks and texture.Details >>

How To Make A Plastic Flower Pot Looks Like A Concrete Pot [01/10/2014]

How to make A Plastic Flower pot looks like a concrete pot   Take one cheap plastic flower pot and turn it into a classy cement planter. Magic? No, it's just paint, and you can do it yourself, even if you've never done faux finishes before. Don't let the French word scare you.Details >>

Buddha Of Healing, Gold Meditating Medicine Buddhist Concrete Statue, Cement Garden Figure [30/09/2014]

Buddha Of Healing, Blue Meditating Medicine Buddhist Concrete Statue, Cement Garden FigureDetails >>

How To Drill Drainage Holes In Ceramic Flowerpots And Planters [29/09/2014]

How to Drill Drainage Holes in Ceramic Flower pots and Planters   I have come across many large outdoor ceramic pots or terracotta pots I absolutely adore only to pick them and find out they do not have any drainage holes. It’s a big disappointment, considering pretty much all plants need adequate drainage to survive – however, it’s not that ...Details >>
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