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Medium square rustic cement pot

Products code : HPR016
Group : Set of 3
Dimension : a. D35 x H50 b.D30 x H40 c.D25 x H30 (cm)

Concrete on its own can be heavy and cumbersome, but mixed with fiberglass and resin, it becomes stronger and yet lighter – so you end up with something that looks and behaves like fabulous, rustic concrete without the worry of weight or it falling apart! Medium square rustic cement pot adds a modern edge to any outdoor living room!


Material: Fiber cement

Set of 3  –  Dimension: a. D35 x H50  b.D30 x H40  c.D25 x H30 (cm)

Packing: 36 sets/pallet – Packing size: 110 x 110 x 220 (cm)

Loadability/40′: 720 sets


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